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(Updated and reprinted from 1996)

My process worked in 1996 and is still works TODAY!

Last year, I had short stubby ugly nails. They looked so bad that I held my hands down in my lap because I was too embarrassed to hold them up for anyone to see them.

Over the years, I have purchased all kinds of cuticle creams, gelatin capsules, and multiple vitamin preparations. The vitamins E, C, and B cost me a lot of money; and for whatever reason, did not get me what I wanted- longer and stronger nails. The gelatin capsules did seem to make my nails stronger, but almost immediately after I forgot to take a capsule, my nails would weaken, split and break off.

Despite all my efforts, my nails continued to break off! Over the years I invested in many advertised fingernail products, hoping to find the one product that worked. The cuticle treatments made my cuticles look a lot better, but this took a lot of time, and my nails still didn't grow. Truthfully speaking, I lacked the time to pamper my nails. Performing tedious, ritualistic nail care did not fit in my limited schedule.

In June of 1996, I decided to try an experiment based on common sense knowledge about nail growth and breakage. I did not find this information in a book.

Luckily, I was able to figure out a practical way to grow long nails and keep them long with limited time and effort! It was crucial for me to make this process effortless, because pampering my nails did not fit in with my lifestyle.

I sat down one day, and thought about what I needed to-do to make sure my nails could withstand hard work and immersion in a lot of water.
It took me a while, but I finally figured out a way to solve my problem. My nails are over a half inch long, very strong, and still growing. Right now they are too long, too strong and aggravating! It takes me about 30 minutes to file one nail 1/8 th of an inch shorter. I found out that long nails can be a problem in the workplace. During the early days of my experiment, I went ahead and let them grow until I finally, had to cut them off with toe nail clippers, because the length, was potentially hazardous. They are not as long as they originally were because of choice.

Just before I decided to cut them, I went to a manicurist to get them filed because it is too tedious and time consuming for me to-do it. Everyone in the shop were wearing beautiful sculptured nails. When my turn came, the customers glared at my nails, thinking that the artificial nails helped my nails to grow longer. They were mistaken!

When I told the manicurist that I had not worn artificial nails, she asked that I tell everyone who asked, that my nails were long because I had worn artificial nails. I did as she requested, so as not to ruin her business.

My nails are so strong now, that I can do my house work plus, anything I want to do without fear of breakage. I even install ceramic tile, hang wallpaper and anything else I want to do. Most people think that my nails are long because I don't do any work. This definitely isn't true.

The secret to my long strong nails, is so simple you will want to kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

Many people asked me how I grew my nails, so I decided to let my secret out. I haven't done my cuticles in months and my nails are still strong and still growing! I've discovered that it's not necessary to use all those different products to get long strong nails. Manicures, buffing and cuticle treatments are nice when I have time and only after my nails have grown too long for me to manage.

My way is quicker, healthier, and proven to be successful.
It's not expensive at all to try it. Since you've tried everyone else's method, you may as well try mine.

Click here to check out my nails before I cut them off! In my profession long nails are hazardous!

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